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You have reached the Join Our Community page. If you are looking for great offers or opportunities, then you have come to the right place. We are a clearing house for new offers, opportunities, affiliate programs and other great deals on campaignshark. We are not shy. You will get email offers and the latest news about the best programs to join and the best deals on goods and services.

When you join our community, not only will you get offers from us, but you are giving permission for others to present offers through our community. The best news? You can do the same because while you are giving permission, for them to present offers to you, they are giving permission for you to send offers to them.

That is what our community is all about. Access to permission based market place. Also, we do not bombard you with useless spam. We provide legitimate products, services and opportunities. Soon we will provide a rating system so you can easily see which ones are the best.

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