Email Plans

Below are the email plans we offer. These are managed services where we will upload your lists and send your campaigns for you. The lists uploaded are either purchased from us or double opt-in when uploaded. Because we are very protective of our platform, our email plans get your emails delivered. If you would like to send larger lists or if you would like a custom platform, please contact us for more information.

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Mail Plan 30,000 (M30)

Mail Plan 60,000 (M60)

Mail Plan 100,000 (M100)

Mail Plan 200,000 (M200)

Custom Plan













Our email plans range from 30,000 emails per month to 200,000 emails per month on our standard platform. We are also able create custom platforms for higher delivery level (up to 1 million per day or more) on dedicated servers with redundant systems. We are also highly proficient in creating an email platform in your environment with multiple levels of maintenance and campaign generation.

Contact us if you would like more information.

While Do It Yourself Email Plans are available, we understand the complexities of email marketing and we know that managing the process can be very intimidating. That is why we created email plans where we do the work for you. Here is what you do to get started.

  1. Select the plan above that you want to send on a monthly basis.
  2. Pick an Email List to go with it.
  3. If you are uploading your own list, we highly recommend having the list cleaned before you send to it. Remember that a high bounce rate can get you suspended with any ISP.
  4. Pick a campaign that you want to send. You can either upload it directly once we have your platform set up or you can email it to us directly (instructions when you purchase one of our email plans).
  5. That is it!

These plans email by the hour to minimize negative impact to ISP’s. Email is not what it used to be and our email plans take into consideration the rate of email, email content and deliverability. We only have a few rules, but we take them seriously. We will not email adult content, discriminatory emails, illegal or offensive content or emails promoting illegal activity.

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