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Our email lists are all permission based and ready for sending. Everyone in our database is ready and waiting to see your offer. In fact, members of these email lists have given explicit permission to receive your offer as long as it is through our system. Here is the fine print. You are not buying the actual list, you are buying lifetime access through our system to access the list you purchase.

The good news? Your list is always fresh and up to date with people ready to get your offer. They are waiting for great deals and opportunities. Also, we will soon be implementing a rating system so people will not only be able to see your offer or opportunity, they will be able to see how good it is.

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Want even better news? These email lists are not oversold. Access to each of our email lists is sold no more than 2 times to any active users. As long as your service remains active, your list is yours to use. If you ever need to deactivate but want to keep your list, all you need to do is place your account on hold and we will keep your list ready and waiting for you. Contact us for more information if you need to place your account on admin hold. Cost to do so is $7 per month but this will keep your list reserved and will keep you from losing all the work you have accomplished.

Want to Upload Your Own Lists?

Want to upload your own lists and use our platform? That is okay too. One thing before you do. We are very strict when it comes to making sure no spam gets out on our platform so your clients will have to double optin prior to receiving any emails. We have a zero tolerance spam policy, but we also have one of the best pricing models out there so make sure you check out our plan pricing.

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