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When we think of email experts we automatically go to a negative mental picture. All we see are spam and invasive communications that take our inbox hostage. Junk email leaves us with nothing but wasted time going through and deleting the hordes of emails. In reality, that is not what email is all about even though the few bad apples spoil the barrel.

CampaignShark – Your Email Experts

What you may not know is that email is still the #1 most efficient means of communicating with an audience. You must know what you are doing however, or you will get blacklisted and identified as a spammer. As your email experts, CampaignShark understands the ins and outs of email. Just like anything else, learning how to be email experts took years of mistakes and learning to figure out how to do it right. The team at CampaignShark has years of experience in the email arena and knows how to do it right.

We are your partner in email marketing. CampaignShark will help you build your email campaign strategy from the ground up. Additionally, we are your email experts when it comes to developing and maintaining your email architecture. CampaignShark can provide you with a dedicated or shared platform where you don’t have to be afraid that you will get shut down all the time. We are your email experts and we know how to get you to the inbox and get your message read.

Email Marketing Still the #1 ROI

At CampaignShark, we are the email experts that can help you develop and utilize your email channel to generate revenue that you otherwise would have missed. Our team knows and understands all of the whitehat and blackhat techniques. Depending on your requirements, we can generate email traffic anywhere from a thousand emails per day to multiple millions of emails per day. CampaignShark has the platform and expertise to deliver.

When you need assistance with your email efforts, turn to the email experts at CampaignShark. Whether you are in the planning stage or are ready to build out your email architecture, the team at CampaignShark can help you build an industrial grade platform. In fact, don’t waste money on the actual delivery platform. For a fraction of the cost, you can have a professional grade email platform capable of sending many emails per day. Check out plans and pricing.

Email is still the #1 most cost effective solution.

Email Expert - CampaignShark - Your Email Solution

Emails Go To Spam

When your emails go to spam, most people think it is just about what is inside your email but that could not be farther from the truth. Getting your email moved into the spam box is not just about content. While your content could be the major contributor to you getting flagged as spam, just as equally to blame can be the platform you send out on and the domain you are using to send. To know why your emails go to spam requires a look at not only your email content but other factors as well.

Emails go to spam when an isp algorithm combines factors such as the source domain, ip blocks, email content and email construct to build a highly complex score that will put your email in the junk folder.

If your source domain has little, no or poor reputation, then the email recipient isp will tend to play it safe and will direct that your emails go to spam and leave it to the user to pull them out. Because of the nature of email, there are not many new domains that are legitimately sending email and isp’s know it so will banish your emails to the junk folder.

Another red flag that will send your emails to spam is when the ip used to send out your emails is from a block that is previously known to send out spam. Most bulk email senders are overseas and pay little attention to whether your emails make it into the inbox and could care less whether your emails go to spam. Make sure that the ip’s you use are clean and do not have an existing reputation that is bad.

Finally, the importance of email content and email construct cannot be ignored. Short emails with html will be flagged. Long emails in text only are flagged. Content and construct scoring change on a regular basis, so if you are going to email, you have to keep up with the rules and do it right.